Case Study: Accredited Continuing Medical Education


Top-10 CME specialty course provider

Target Audience

HCP specialists from numerous disciplines seeking accredited education across the following therapeutic areas:
  • Diabetes
  • Oncology
  • Chronic Heart
  • Failure
  • Asthma


Leverage the Pando wall as a unique and novel way of supplying quality CME content delivered by national thought leaders


  • 8 (planned 75-minute) sessions spread over 5 separate days
  • 3pm ET and 8pm ET show times to accommodate learners’ schedules
  • Combination of in-studio moderator and 4 to 7 remote national thought leaders per event
  • CME post-test conducted via post-meeting URL redirect
  • Live events recorded, edited for content and duration, then posted to CME provider’s web portal as enduring material/ archived courses for subsequent access by HCPs


  • 210 HCPs educated
  • Average time on wall: 115 minutes
  • HCPs raised hands to ask questions: 72 times
  • HCPs sent texts/chats: 42 times
  • Polling questions asked: 67


Client has committed to 11 additional Pando CME events in 2019

For each edited recording resulting from a single Pando production,
client saw below results:

Unique visitors to the client's archive
Additional HCPs completed the course and received CE credit
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