Virtual Meeting Platforms

Virtual meeting platforms deliver new ways to communicate with your remote audiences but choosing the right one can be daunting. Our virtual engagement technologists are here to help you decide which one best meets your needs, and all of our platforms have built-in live Q&A, Audience Response polling, and surveys to ensure interactivity and to capture feedback from attendees. Every project we undertake is wrapped with our full complement of services from technology coordination, event registration, production facilitation, and postevent reporting, to anticipating the unknown and solving for it before it affects your show. Your dedicated project team will guide you through the project, provide best practices, track milestones and project deliverables, provide full QC support, train speakers on technology, and manage all other deliverables from project start through completion. Lastly, to ensure that we provide the ultimate experience for you and your target audience, we do not outsource our help desk. Our staff are full time and available to you for anything and everything you need to make your meeting a success. Whether you choose web conferences, webcasts or our newest innovation, Pando, you will get the same meticulous attention to detail to ensure you get optimal results.

Virtual live meetings

Pando was developed to bridge the gap between live and virtual meetings. While existing virtual meeting technologies provide convenience and can be appropriate for small topic-driven meetings, they often lack the engagement and impact of a live meeting. Pando combines a 40-foot Pandorama video wall that displays 144 remote participants with a full studio production. Set designs can range from simple sets such as a panel discussion to more elaborate designs such as an awards event. Video displays on the wall can be enlarged to accommodate an intimate meeting or to highlight speakers or team leaders. A moderator, or team of moderators, are live in the studio and lead the meeting, interacting with remote participants face-to-face. All elements of the production are managed by the studio crew, including the participants’ audio and video feeds, all program content, polling and survey questions and results, and five robotic in-studio cameras to ensure a dynamic, engaging meeting experience.

Video participants can expect an unprecedented level of support. Prior to a Pando meeting, tech checks are conducted to ensure there are no firewall issues. Participants are greeted one-on-one by an onboarding specialist on the day of the event who will assist with their audio and video transmission, lighting, placement on camera, and answer any questions that they may have before passing them over to the studio. The platform also supports 5000 off-wall participants or observers. Engagement is measured by the Pando Index of Engagement (PIE), a proprietary engagement evaluation tool. The entire event is recorded and archived and can be used to support objectives post meeting.

Web Conferences

Web conferencing offers the ability to get your message out quickly and at a much lower cost versus other broadcasting methods. Slides can be shared with your audience, while the presenter’s audio can be transmitted via Internet, phone, and/or webcam. Web conferences also offer significant convenience as presentations can be delivered from virtually any location with an internet connection and telephone line.

We support the major platforms, including Zoom, Adobe Connect, MS Teams, and many others. We will manage any platform that you choose or where you have existing licenses.



Our production artists and engagement technologists bring the same commitment to excellence to your webcast as they do for live productions. Our studio-based program, Canopy, resembles a network news broadcast and is managed and delivered on a proprietary platform with a high-definition workflow. Our interface allows for multiple configurations and layouts and you have the option of broadcast or narrowcast streaming to either dedicated venues, online, or mobile devices or a combination. All webcasts are fully supported and include website design, help desk, on-site encoders, and end-to-end project management.


Our proprietary production offering, UltraLT, provides new, cost-effective alternatives to studio-based broadcasting. Choose your speaker and location and we come to you. With a single camera, minimal crew, and equipment, we produce a professional program that allows you to reach hundreds to thousands of viewers at a fraction of the cost.

Remote UltraLT

Offering the same flexibility as UltraLT, but is produced completely remotely. Our production team walks the presenter through set up and testing and then manage the broadcast remotely.

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