Where Virtual Meetings Come Alive

Where Virtual Meetings Come Alive

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PandoTM is a totally new meeting technology platform that integrates face-to face communication, built-in features designed for lean-in virtual engagement, a full video studio production crew, and a live moderator.

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Freedom From Constraints

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How It Works

The PandoramaTM Wall

The 40-foot Pandorama video wall is the hub of the meeting, enabling dynamic, real-time, face-to-face interactions and discussion between the moderator and all wall participants.

The Moderator

Pando puts the moderator center stage, controlling the flow of the meeting, interacting with participants, introducing other speakers and presenters, and communicating with the studio production crew to ensure an optimal meeting experience.

The Control Room

The Pando magic starts in the control room. Much like a television studio, the video production crew manages the meeting flow with the moderator ensuring that participant audio and video feeds, studio cameras, and external content are optimized to deliver a highly interactive meeting experience. Wall participants are able to communicate and engage similarly to how they would if they were attending a live meeting.

Wall Participants

144 people can participate on the video wall. Wall participants are greeted by a live person and on-boarding usually takes less than 30 seconds.

Off-Wall Participants & Observers

Pando supports up to 5,000 off-wall participants and/or observers. Off-wall participants can engage by using all of the platform’s tools, but are not displayed on the Pandorama video wall. Observers do not participate, but can view the meeting in real-time.

The Participant Experience

Participants partake in a live production that follows the conversation seamlessly. The production crew ensures that they see the meeting in the same way they would if they were attending in person, with cameras shifting from the moderator and studio to other participants who are speaking to content. Built-in communication tools enable active participation throughout.

PandoTM At a Glance

Up To
Wall Participants
Up To
Off-Wall Participants
and/or Observers

Less Than


Seconds to Log In



Downloads Required

Imagine the Possibilities

Limited only by the imagination, the Pando meeting possibilities are endless. An ideal replacement or augmentation strategy for both external and internal meetings, Pando provides a cost effective option for diverse meetings where collaboration and virtual engagement are critical.

External Meetings For Advisory Boards Speaker Training Satellite Symposia Clinical Trials Mock P&T Qualitative Research

Internal Meetings For Sales and MSL Training Compliance Training Workstream Collaboration International Managers Boards and Committees


Learn more about how Pando can revolutionize your approach to live meetings.

PandoTM Highlights

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory teams can participate in meetings and intervene in real time. Questions can be filtered for approval first to ensure full regulatory compliance of the discussions.

Pando Index of Engagement (PIE)

participant virtual engagement through a point system, starting with 100 points and adding or deleting points based on behaviors.
PIE Score
75 Points 75%
PIE Score
95 Points 95%
PIE Score
120 Points 100%

Studio Environment

Although the moderator is the only person required to be live, the Pando studio can accommodate up to 75 guests to observe or participate.


Participants can easily engage in brainstorming and active dialogue. Whiteboarding is done on an in-studio MS Surface, which facilitates dynamic interaction.

Audio & Video Archiving

Let's Pando!

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