Go-To-Market Launch Package

Virtual, Live or Hybrid Meetings

Critical product launch events, designed for maximizing audience engagement, all under one roof.

Bringing together thought leaders, faculty, and attendees, empowering learning and dialogue in interactive and highly engaging environments.

Providing the life sciences industry with proven event services, deployed to support the lifecycle of your product launch initiatives.

In Action...

National Sales
Update Meeting
Review revenue & brand developments and align on targets, tactics, and strategies across multiple men’s health brands. Foster collaboration between sales reps and management to deliver a strong finish for Q4, celebrate successes and recognize teamwork and individual performance.
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New Product Indication Launch
A top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer aims to train 100 sales representatives on a new indication for a leading biologic therapy before a national launch meeting. Objectives include facilitating personal introductions, engaging representatives, and avoiding distractions and dry content from traditional web platforms. The plan is to consolidate a 4-week training program into a 2-week curriculum, delivered by 3 in-studio presenters and 2 remote presenters over 16 training sessions.
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Sales & Marketing Strategy Meeting
A top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer is collaborating on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) therapeutic areas. The objective is to discuss strategies related to MS clinical trials, physician messaging, patient engagement, and new assets. The target audience comprises 25 members of the MS Franchise Team, including 23 on-wall participants and 2 off-wall participants from the sales and marketing departments.
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Sales Training Segmentation
A global top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer aims to train its rheumatology sales force on new healthcare provider segmentation for pre-call planning and customized messaging. The training will be cost-effective, engaging, interactive, and will include role-playing to ensure application of learnings. The target audience consists of 178 on-wall sales representatives and 17 off-wall executives and home office personnel.
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Speaker Training
A global top 10 pharmaceutical company aims to educate hard-to-access healthcare providers, including dermatologists and rheumatologists, on helping patients gain access to prescribed therapies by identifying available resources and services, and on effectively presenting new data.
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Sales Education (Clinical Trial Updates)
A top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturer aims to educate 180 lung cancer franchise sales representatives on the latest clinical data and treatment advances in lung cancer. The training will use a live, interactive format with a multidisciplinary panel of key opinion leaders (KOLs) to enhance engagement, replacing previous radio and pre-recorded web programs.
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Pando™ Meetings


Revolutionize Your Meetings with Pando™

Introducing Pando™ Meetings by The Inception Company – a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way life sciences professionals connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Leveraging our extensive experience and innovative technology, Pando™ Meetings offers an unparalleled meeting experience that is as engaging as it is effective.

Freedom From Constraints


Participants are easily distracted

Lacks true collaboration

Software & onboarding challenges

Potential for high drop-off rates

Live meeting without the travel

Cost-effective & innovative

Highly engaging & interactive

No software downloads

Ability to see facial expressions & body

Live Face to Face

Budget constraints

Travel restrictions & time out-of-office

Schedule conflicts

Limited meeting frequency

Up to


Wall Participants
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Off-Wall Participants and/or Observers
Less than




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We're dedicated to helping you innovate, grow, and succeed. Let's collaborate to turn your vision into reality!
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